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There are multiple choices in how to treat your chronic pain. Here’s a great article on Paint Treatment from Web MD. Call Mind Body Solutions at 702-384-2238 for local assistance today. #mindbodysolutions #mbs #painmanagement

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Got Pain? Mind Body Solutions has the answers


At Mind Body Solutions, Dr. Linden understands and addresses that 30-40% of chronic pain can arise from depression issues. He will help you uncover the root of what causes the pain, and discuss options for a treatment that works best for you.

Our center offers affordable one- on- one and family counseling, various pain management services, massage therapy and more all in one central location.

Call today and schedule your initial consultation and learn about Mind Body Solutions massage therapy rates to go along with your treatment as we help you come to a healthier, life with less pain.

Common Pain Issues

Chronic Acute Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Knee, Hip, Shoulder Pain


Pain Management alternatives at Mind Body Solutions – Las Vegas

How bad is your pain?


Is it disrupting your sleep  and interfering with your work and family life?  Has it been a constant discussion in your relationships?

There are alternatives to work through your pain from a  Psychological treatment stand point at Mind Body Solutions.

At MBS  we provide a safe alternative ,  to treat your pain directly by reducing high levels of physiological stress that often aggravate pain.

Psychological treatment also helps improve the indirect consequences of pain by helping you learn how to cope with the problems associated with pain.

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Dr. David Linden Opens Mind Body Solutions in Las Vegas


Dr. David Linden

Psychiatrist , MD

Mind Body Solutions

Las Vegas,  Nevada  89146


My mission is to help families find solutions to life’s challenges & assist in finding healthier ways to achieve a happier life. Specializing in affordable psychiatry & pain management services,I’ll work with your family to do this. I also work with chronic pain patients understanding that 30-40% of chronic pain patients are also dealing with depression & the side effects of constant pain. We will discuss & work through those deep issues that may be at the core of your chronic pain.

Accepting Medicaid & Medicare Patients


David E. Linden MD – Opens a New Counseling Center in Las Vegas


MIND BODY SOLUTIONS -(702) 384-2238

At Mind Body Solutions, our mission is to help individuals and families find solutions to life’s challenges and assist them in finding alternative ways to a happier life. Dr. David Linden has specialized in studying and treating psychiatric and mental issues for over 25 years. He believes that addressing issues such as general anxiety disorder, depression, and other mental health issues is the key to feeling better inside and out. Dr. Linden has made it his goal to help people of all walks of life regardless of their financial situation, get the treatment they need to address these issues and work through them.   Whether you’d like your family situations and personal issues to be evaluated and discussed with our licensed family counselors, or if you are in need of finding more effective options to manage your chronic pain, Mind Body Solutions is an affordable option for you.


New Pain Management Office in Las Vegas – Mind Body Solutions / Dr. David Linden

Now introducing Mind Body Solutions with Dr. David Linden. – An affordable alternative to pain management and psychiatry services in Las Vegas


Mind Body Solutions- Pain Treatment & Psychiatry

Mind Body Solutions of Las Vegas is a place where patients can find alternative options to treat their pain and perhaps address additional issues that could be contributing to your pain. Dr David Linden specializes in Psychiatry and Pain Management.

Below is and article from Web MD that explains the connection of a patients depression and their chronic pain.>>>>>CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

If you’d like to speak in detail about this connection with Dr. Linden at Mind Body Solutions simply call and schedule your initial consult. (702) 384-2238

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