About Us

Mind Body Solutions

We are a psychiatric and therapeutic services practice dedicated to fostering a strong sense of mental and emotional well-being for members of the Las Vegas community. Because each person faces a unique set of burdens and tests, we commit ourselves to providing a diverse array of solutions to a wide range of psychological conditions. Our clinic utilizes only the latest and best in proven techniques developed over years of experience and study in the fields of marriage and family therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, geriatric psychiatry, and clinical psychology. It is our purpose to support and sustain the members of our society through life’s trials, to emerge stronger and more independent as result of our shared challenges.

Through research and continuing education, our providers strive to remain on the cutting edge of psychiatric and psychological techniques and treatment.

Mind Body Solutions has been successfully providing mental health treatment in Las Vegas communities for 8 years. We are committed to providing the absolute best in psychological care possible, our practice offers a wide array of psychiatric and therapeutic services designed to alleviate the unpleasant and distressing effects of a variety of conditions, ranging from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mind Body Solutions is located at 2725 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas Nevada. When you contact us, we ask that you please provide us with an overview of your symptoms by filling out the included form, in order to facilitate the best possible treatment for every patient that visits our mental health center. Please call (702) 384-2238 to schedule an appointment. You are guaranteed to be seen within 3 business days of your initial call.

Psychiatry and Mental health services are offered at low-cost or free to Medicaid Recipients. Ask our associate for more information (702) 384-2238.

Years in Business

Mind Body Solutions offers over 30 years of combined psychiatric and therapeutic experience.